Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Too obscure?

Just a little idea that's bugged me for a while.

From the doorway she watched him move slowly around the room with little purpose other than to please.

It had been a mistake...a misunderstanding of her instructions to keep him from wanting to leave the confines of their small living quarters. She had only wanted to keep him from harm after losing the other.

Three arns, she had only been gone for three arns, but that now meant eternity.

As he turned in her direction, she couldn't help the cringe that caused her body to jerk at the sight of the two small scars on either side of his temple. Her movement caught his meager attention and he shuffled towards her wanting to only do as she pleased.

But now she will never have to worry about losing him again. He was hers to keep for as long as he remained physically able. She had cycles before she had to watch the light leave his eyes, cycles before she would have to once again say goodbye forever.

the end
Tags: fic

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