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Need your help deciding something guys.

I've been working on my website and updating it, only have a couple pages left to do, but on this one ficpage, I can't decide which is better. So that's where ya'll come in. hehe

ETA: These photos are actually 1000x650, but photobucket shrunk them down..again. *rolls eyes* You just roll the dice with that site on which ones it does that too. Sorry.

Poll #575895 Help the wishy wash....

Which looks better to you?

Choose to put the book on a table.

And dammit, I want more new SG1! Thank god I saved them by other means because our new digital box with the DVR and similar to Tivo died the day before yesterday before I could hook up a vcr to it. Lost all of the epis of SG1 I'd saved, and so missed out on taping Legacy last night. Which is one of my favorite Daniel episodes. Hopefully, I'll get the time today to go down and get a replacement.

At least new BSG tonight, which looks to be off the chain!

Oh, and Skiffy has a preview commercial on the SG-1 page, and it shows Cameron either extremely pissed and/or crying. Which puts me in my happy place. *bg*
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