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Okay you flist geniuses out there...

I have a question.

Would John, if he was dragged into a wormhole be able to intersect with the one in SG-1 and get spit out in command or does that require a gate at both ends? Also, is it a straight tunnel between gates or does it intersect with a nexus of wormholes like in tormented space?

I know a solar flare occurring at the same moment a wormhole opens can cause it to jump time, at least that's happened on SG-1 a couple times. Once on accident, the second on purpose. It's hard for them to time a solar flare though, and normally they only afterward.

They're pretty straight as far as I can think of, so I figured I'd ask you guys. *bg*
Tags: farscape, meta, science jazz, sg-1

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