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And this just in...

So here's my con report...

Day 1 - Thursday: Arrived in Burbank. The lovely O2difor and her daughter Eileen met me at the baggage claim so I didn't become lost. I didn't get lost..but my suitcase did. I was told it was in Palm Springs. *grumble* Found out later the next day it had stayed in Denver.

Went to dinner with O2 and Eileen. Went to my room and met my roomie Kernezelda (and see ScaperRed, the world didnt end. ) One Eyed DRD arrived the next day. Registered and got my free gift. Which was a very nice ceramic tile picture. No hassels over the difference in the ticket names.
Hung out in O2's room til 2 am munching on the BEST damn chocolate chip cookies.

Day 2 - Friday: Got up early, went to breakfast. Then stood in line to get inside the front door. Went in and got my other free gift. (ticked me off cause it was a Lord of the Rings poster) Wandered around, then it was time for Ricky to come out. I about died when he came out looking so GQ. I was of course disappointed when he said he didnt have an announcement. But DK and Brian are working on a project that we will be very interested in. (HELL YEAH!) And if/when Farscape returns...if we get the eyes on it..it'll be for years.

Paul and Virginia were awesome together. Fielding questions beatifully and they did the Unity pose for us. (whoo hoo!) There were some wonderful videos shown in between guests and speakers. I'm still in awe.

The Crais video Sleeping Sun by Ryalin was gorgeous!! It was the first time I got to see that cause I had trouble downloading it before. I was about to cry during it. At first they started wrong video and it showed Aeryn. You could hear Lani say 'I didnt know I lost that much weight' (or something to that effect), which everyone laughed. Lani came out and good lord he looked good! He's lost some more weight since I saw him in March at MegaCon, and his hair has grown out just a little bit. Very distinguished, and hansome looking. He spoke about cutting his hair and how he did it to get more work, and also because of a bet. He won. He then asked for questions. No one was speaking up, and for some reason I stood up and walked to the back of the room, and yelled out: "I have a question!" He looked in my direction (omg!) and I asked "Was one of the reasons that Crais sacrified himself and Talyn because of his promise to TJohn just before he died?" He said yes, that was one of the reasons. Which made me feel even better about the changes Lani had brought out into Crais' character.

Got into the Trivia game. When they asked for voluteers, I jumped up and raised my arm so fast I think I gave Neurospr and Kristoph whiplash. The guy that was running the con was standing like 2 feet away and laughed saying 'that was fast'. I do have my moments. Three of us were selected, we answered some tough questions. Then came the brain farts. I still can't believe I forget Scorpius' mother's name. When we missed a question, we ended up back to zero points. Our winning point came from someone who asked, 'Who was the big blue lady?' There groans from the audience, but the MC said to let us answer it since we came close before. And we won a $50 gift certificate on any Creation product. Which I used to get my Photo Op with Claudia. (whoever you are..thanks for that last question!!)

Then proceeded to celebrate my b-day since this weekend was a prezzie for myself, despite the fact my b-day isnt til the end of the month. By the way...half a bottle of Jim Beam and you kind of find yourself cursing a lot and following people.

Day 3 - Saturday: Woke up bright-eyed and bushy tailed and got my ticket for the photo op with Claudia, stood in line and when it came up I told them I actually had 2, and gave them BlueAeryn's ticket. Claudia held her pic and smiled when I explained the deal. She loved her presents from BlueAeryn and held up the pic and drapped BA's school T over her stomach and chest and smiled proudly with them. She then told me I was sweet to do that. (awe shucks ma'am, twernt nuthin') But damn is that woman freakin beautiful!

Then came time for Ben...OH MY FREAKING GOD IN HEAVEN! I SAT NEXT TO BEN AND HE HELD MY HAND!!! The man was nervous. His hands were ice cold and shaking. But lord did he smell nice. My pic didnt come out too good because they snapped the pic just as I was telling myself to breath. (I got this pucker lip thing going on. ) I left the room, walked down the hall and collapsed against a wall and slid down right on my butt.

Claudia came up to speak first. The woman is funny and amazing, and has the most gorgeous singing voice ever! I couldnt think of a single question to ask her.

When Ben came up during Claudia's deal. Total synaptic overload man. WHOOSH! *waving hand over head* Then I became overly jealous of Crash and Scrubs when Ben sat next to them while Claudia sang. I love you guys, but you are too LUCKY!!

When it came time for questions I think I came up with a few good ones. 1. How long did he have to wear the stockings in SnS? Most of the morning and they were too small so they were held up with duct tape. OUCH! 2. Can he do the girly scream? Which he did and if ANYONE has pics of that..please email them to me. 3. Was TJohn blind during his final moments? I had wondered this because he didn't look at Aeryn before he died. Ben said he played it as TJohn's world as going dim and dark to compliment Claudia's performance. (So I'm taking that as a yes.*sob*)

The commentary was lacking but we now know why. Ben is terrified of watching himself with other people around him. I don't care about the lacking bit. I got to watch one of my favorite episodes on a HUGE screen with some of my favorite people. Found out they used a gallon of ketchup to do the scene where John is writing in his blood. Paul had not watched the entire episode before and was totally into it like the rest of us.

I didnt get picked for performing one of Ricky's scenes, dangit..LOL Then came the dessert and dance party. I still can't believe I let o2 talk me into wearing a cocktail dress. I WANT ALL PICTURES BURNED PLEASE!!! But Virginia stood at the door greeting people and told me I looked gorgeous. and she was glad someone else had dressed up as well. I was one of the first there and others came dressed to the 9's a little later. I got my pic with Virginia, Raelee, Bianca, David, Lani, Paul, and Ricky. (these I won't burn) It was a very good time.

Day 4 - Sunday: Breakfast was amazing. People agreed to stay in their seats in order to give everyone a chance to see the actors. Fran is sooo tiny! She loved it when I told her I had to see BHTB twice before I realized which one was her. Ben absolutely awwed over the pic my niece sent with me that said: I love Farscape, from PrincessAeryn and Kazbaby. The only word spelled correctly was Farscape. You already know about the story, so no rehash there. They weren't signing autographs there, but Ricky signed a couple of conbooks for people that couldnt make it. Including BlueAeryn's pic. He asked who she was, I told him and he said, "I know that name." Virgo then asked him if he knew the names ajshipper and Kazbaby. He said, "From Kansas? Sure!"

O2 came up to me upset because someone had spilled water on her Ben pics that Can had sent, not once..but twice! She dried them as best she could and went to the coordinator of the breakfast and explained they were for a cancer patient that couldn't attend and Ben signed them. That was so awesome!!

During Ben's next time up on stage, he gave a list of reason's why he couldn't say anything about the renewal, which had me and everyone else dying. When it came time for the questions. Ben was asking people questions first. Which you all have already read about 50 times. He asked me What was your favorite season and why. Instant answer and major brain fart. Season 2 and just for the plain insanity of it. Then I asked him something I have wondered for a while. I complimented him on his performance in CoD, and asked him: Just how far would have John gone to get Aeryn back? We saw him offer Scorpius the wormhole equations, but would far would he have gone? He liked the fact it was an ethical question. He stated that how would would anyone react? Would you choose your child over the world? He thinks John would have went through with the deal but tried to go back and stop Scorpius later. I'm proud I was able to think of some good questions to ask him.

Got into the costume contest as John. Had my leather duster, combat boots, pulse pistol (thank you again ScaperRed!)...and didnt win. Oh well..the girl that did really deserved it. Her Delvian costume was cool as hell.

Had dinner with Kern and Thea talking about fics. That was a total blast ladies. Then spent the rest of the evening saying goodbyes and then when up to my room to watch WSS with Kern, Thea, Mesascaper, and I think Dabalee. (If I screwed up names, please correct me.)

This has been the best weekend of my life and a much needed release to some tension. Everyone was seriously kick ass!

As for the spammage...I'm still giggling my ass off. and I do believe I will have to have therapy now. *g*

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