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just getting something out of my head.

*weird dream alert*

They were trying to climb down the rocky cliff-side, when the girl had another contraction hit her. Instead of grabbing onto the arm that was trying to keep her from losing her balance, she doubled over because it felt as if she were being torn apart. She loses her balance, and begins to tumble down toward the bottom. She can't tell if the screams she hears are her own, or those of the friends still above her. When she finally comes to rest, there is an unfamiliar girl standing over her. More shouts reach her from above as the others scramble over the rocks and she tries her best to crawl away from the stranger, but she can't once their eyes lock.

She doesn't know how it happened, but there is a baby being placed in her arms just as things begin to dark around the edges of her vision. Kissing the small forehead, she allows herself the luxury of darkness as consciousness abandons her.


Sorry, I just had to get that out before I do a mad dash to straighten things up in here before the inspector comes to check out our floors to begin replacements. There's a lot more to the dream than what I just put up, I just don't have time to finish it at the moment, only that's an important part of it.
Tags: dream

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