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It's 3:30 in the morning...

I'm still not finished packing...

And I'm watching 28 Days Later while surfing through old fics to put up on The Dark Brigade...

And I found this little beauty...*VEG*

originally posted Nov. 5th, 2002 on Kansas for my Sick Challenge:


John walked into Noranti's chamber and said, "Hey Granny, what was it you needed help with? I didn't catch what you said over the comms." He stops when he sees the lights are very dim.

"Pilot? Can you tell what is wrong with the lighting in Noranti's room?"

No answer.

"Old woman, where are you? You got me all the down here when I could be getting some sleep."

Hearing a noise from behind him he sees a beautiful woman standing there. Jumping back a step, he pulls out Winona and demands, "And just who the hell are you!?"

Walking towards him she holds out her hands. "There is no need for weapons. I am not armed. I am only here to fulfill what you desire."

Shaking his head, John says, "Bullshit. I never asked for a beautiful stranger to just show up with almost....no....clothes...on. Oh yeah, I did. But I was 15. That was a long time ago. This not on my wish list."

"Shhhhh...I am only here for you. No one else will know. No one can see me. Only for you."

Slowly she comes closer. John sees that her hair is the same shade of black as Aeryn's, her eyes are the same color as Aeryn's. Looking more closly he can see that it was Aeryn.

'Why didn't I notice it before?' John thinks, holstering his weapon.

She leans in closer to him and they kiss, and he wraps his arms around her. Falling to the bed, all he can see is Aeryn.

Lying on his side facing the door, John opens his eyes, he mumbles, "How in the hell did I wind up sleeping in here?"

Hearing a soft moan, John feels the weight of someone rolling over in their sleep. Turning over he sees that it is Noranti in the bed with him. His next realization is the fact he has no clothes on. Looking under the blanket, he sees that she is also without garments. Jumping out of the bed screaming. He grabs his clothes and runs out of the room.

The End

I cracked up reading this because of the comment about the wishing for a beautiful stranger to just show up when he was 15. Remember...this was written in November. Kansas didn't air til 2 months later. *snerk*

And on that note my lovelies...I'm off to finish packing.
Tags: farscape, fic
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