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12 hours and counting....

Okay today has been a rush! Literally, did my last minute running. Got my combat boots, leather duster, haircut (girl cut it too damn short though, oh well), manicure/pedicure (first ever and did it feel fucking WEIRD!), and got some stuff printed out at Kinkos. Realized after I got home that I forgot film. I'll have to stop at Wally World on the way to the airport.

Came home and got hit with 3 IMs, and 4 emails about the announcement..AT THE SAME TIME! LOL I was estatatic...called O2difor cause I knew she and her daughter were on the road to Burbank already. While talking to her I saw the postponement deal. I think I about messed myself..LOL Disappointed and more than a little tired from only 12 hours sleep in the last 3 days. I told O2 I would keep her updated if something came up.

Then I had the fun of getting a negative post for Payback's A Bitch...now those other responses that stated they didn't think John would do those things were politly stated, and I appreciate that kind of feedback. but this...

Believe me when I say no one could care less for Grayza than I do...
but the implications of this story do, imho, a real disservice to Crichton--and I'm not much of a JC fan either.
The boy wouldn't do that to any woman. It is sadistic...extremely violent, like a 'rape you back' sort of thing, and frankly, I'm surprised to find something like this in an open forum where anyone could read it...
and I'm even more surprised how many people seem to think it's ok, or just or somehow in chracater for Crichton. He may be a liar, a terrorist, and a bit nuts, but no way do I see him *becoming as bad or worse than Grayza herself* by doing something like that to her. Just killing her the way you'd shoot a mad dog to put it out of its [and everyone else's]misery? Sure. But not this. And the implied sadistic sexual perversion factor is a major gross out too.

I was cool in my response (despite the fact that I wanted to tell this guy to fuck off.), and boy was it hard to hold back:

Well llScorpiusll thank you for your opinion, and for reading the story. All I have to say on your comments is this...I'm only copying it from my LJ cause I've had very little sleep and I've actually more imortant things to do than really than try to disuade you from your opinion.

Okay guys...I will be back with reports. I'm going to try and get in that deal where you get to do a scene. *please let me get picked* I'm nuts for wanting to do it. I haven't acted in years. And I'm also going to get in the costume contest.

And piccies..lots of piccies for you all!

Dont do anything I wouldn't do...and have fun with the Bad!fic!!!

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