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How many ears does a Vulcan have?

I've been playing around on The Dark Brigade today. Trying to make it not so garish, and easier on the reader's eyes.

I like the colors better since I tried to make them more like the banner, but I'm not so sure about the light gray-blue for some of the links after they've been clicked on. Could be just me.

Please let me know what you think of the new look. I'd like to have slimmer borders as well. I just have to figure out where the hell they are in the code without screwing up the entire thing.

I'm still trying to learn how to do dang stylesheets so I can 'relaunch' my reg. website. I'm about halfway there. I've got the new homepage made, actually I've had it for a while now. Okay, maybe a quarter way there. :P

Hurricane Katrina came and went, and brought with her lovely cooler temperatures. And rain... lots of dark clouds and rain. I'm in freaking heaven!

It's Scifi Friday! And kernezelda has written some damn hot Daniel/Cam slashy goodness. woot!
Tags: dark brigade, sg-1 fic, slash, website

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