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Video Reccs

This one, just My Freaking GAWD! In Retrospect by HumansRsuperior. This is beyond awesome. It completely took my breath away. It is the perfect video to advertise Farscape's syndication. You won't be able to look away.

Want to see John and Aeryn kicking ass? *veg* Then check out Lt. Garrix's version of Disturb's Down With The Sickness. She went in a different direction than I expected, so that made me enjoy this even more.

ETA: Just wanted to add another since the link is now available. This one is by greenluxanmuffn. Music by Mindy Smith, and called One Moment More. Very beautifully done. There is a page on his LJ where he'd originally posted it, if you'd like to let him know how much you enjoyed it. There is also a lovely dedication that scapeartist, cretkid, arthurfrdent may be interested in. *bg*

Like writers, the editors love feedback so let them feel the luuuuv. *g* If you're not registered for TF, just reply here and I'll post the link to the comment in the appropriate video thread.
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