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Fic: LoMo Liaison

I started thinking...big mistake...about what might have happened between John, D'Argo and the feathered chicks on LoMo, fbf kind of encouraged me...so blame her! I've only attempted to write slash once before and I've never finished. Hell, I usually don't write sex at all in my fics.

LoMo Liaison

Arms and legs intertwined, hands caress whatever skin they touch. His teeth scraping against the tender flesh of a nipple. A soft moan escapes her lips as she rocks on top of him. Their pace is fevered. Her scream as she comes is silenced as he catches her mouth with his as he quickly follows her.

Rolling off of him, she looks at John as he closes his eyes. Reaching for a glass that lay on the floor, “Here, you look like you need it.”

His eyes mere slits as he reaches for the cup, “Thanks.”

Draining the cup, John ignores the moans that continue to echo in the small enclosure. Jareena could see as the drugs in the cup were taking affect as his eyes glaze over once again.

“Come here beautiful.”

John’s head was swimming as he leaned forward and crawled towards her. ‘Round two,’ he thought as she roughly pushed him onto his back. He watched as she slowly removed her stockings. Picking up his foot, she wrapped her lips around his big toe and began sucking on it. He felt himself grow hard again.

“Waz you doin?” John slurred as he tried to focus on her.

She didn’t answer after she removed her mouth. Holding up a stocking, she began to slide it up his leg. Even as his eyes lost focus, he tried to reach and pull the stocking back down.

“No beautiful, I like it on you.” Jareena said softly, running her hand up and down his leg. Smiling, he laid back to allow her to put the other on.

Sitting on her knees between his legs, she rubbed her hands slowly over both legs, her touch was shot small tendrils of electricity through him.

“Oh, I do like this…don’t you?”

“Hmmm…yes.” He said nodding his head in agreement.

Slowly, Jareena lay on her back, spreading her legs. Crawling towards her, John barely noticed D’Argo and Mara as they collapsed into a heap together.

Bending down, John ran his tongue across the inside of her left thigh. Her hips rose slightly. Looking up, he saw Mara cupping one of Jareena’s breasts, seemingly oblivious to everything as she sucked on the nipple. She saw him looking at her and reached her hand out to him. As he took Mara’s hand, she turned and motioned for D’Argo. The Luxan swayed as he sat up beside her.

Jareena rubbed her hand down his stomach, reaching lower; she softly caressed his balls, causing him to moan as he slipped his tongue into Mara’s mouth. Mara leaned her head back and smiled, reaching up, she touched John’s neck, trailing her fingers downward. Taking his hand, she sat back a little and placed it on D’Argo’s face. His breath quickened with each stroke of Jareena’s hand.

“Touch him Crichton, feel him.”

John ran his hand slowly across D’Argo’s cheek, the back of his fingers brushing against the other’s tankas. Sucking in his breath at the touch, D’Argo brought his hands up and cupped the sides of his neck and pulled John close. His head swam as he leaned in, his body reacting to D’Argo and Jareena’s touch.

D’Argo’s lips brushed against his own as he wrapped his hand around the sensitive tankas and began stroking them, causing D’Argo to quickly crush his lips against his own before sliding his tongue into his mouth. The Luxan’s tongue wrapped around his own it seemed several times, massaging it slowly.

He felt Jareena remover her hand, his cock automatically aching for release. Soon John felt D’Argo’s hand reach down and continue where she had left off. Jerking his head back, he tried to catch his breath. It felt as if the room was trying to turn on its side as he tried to focus on D’Argo’s eyes. Looking into them, all he could see was desire, the same desire he felt rushing through himself.

John licked his lips just before wrapping his lips around D’Argo’s nipple, his tongue lightly touching as he pinched the other causing D’Argo to moan softly. He felt the other’s hands on his shoulders guiding him to lie on his back. Closing his eyes, he felt soft kisses work their way from his chest, soon they reached his hard cock, then D’Argo’s tongue wrapping around it, running up and down. All too soon it stopped.

“No…” he whispered.

Opening his eyes as D’Argo grabbed his legs and lifted his knees. As D’Argo leaned down, he felt the moist tip of his tongue at the edge of his ass, slowly working its way into the opening. Grunting at the pressure he felt when D’Argo inserted one finger, then two into him. John let the feeling wash over him, ignoring the discomfort.

D’Argo’s weight shifted as he crawled above him, he let out a loud moan as D’Argo slowly pushed into him.

“Am I hurting you?”

Opening his eyes, he tilted his head, “No, your not,” and smiled.

As D’Argo took each of his hands into his own, he softly kissed him. “You’ll tell me if I am, won’t you?” he whispered.

Nodding his head, “I want you to continue…please.”

D’Argo kissed him as he pushed in more; slowly he began to rock back and forth. Soon the pain eased into exquisite pleasure and John began to moan, his breath catching in his chest. D’Argo shifted his position and sat back, never breaking his rhythm. Once again he his tongue circling John’s dick.

His hips rocking in time with D’Argo, suddenly he felt as the other sped up each stroke and thrust, each thrust harder than the last. The pressure built up until he couldn’t hold on any longer, his back snapping upward as he came. D’Argo’s scream quickly followed within microts as he thrust one last time.

As their screams died, D’Argo collapsed on top of him, holding his weight with his arms. Each tenderly kissed the other as D’Argo rolled beside him. Soon they both fell into an exhausted and drug induced sleep.

Jareena and Mara looked at the two men sleeping in each other’s arms. Smiling, Jareena said, “I knew they were a couple.”

“Yeah, it’s too bad they won’t remember anything when they wake up. Grab the little one’s money, I’ll grab the Luxan’s.”

The End
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