Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

*insert clever remark*

I think my plea for a beta was a little premature. I thought I'd tweaked it enough before making the earlier post this morning but then I opened it again and decided to fix the tenses more.

God, I hate those bastards.

But then I changed some of the wording around and some more and have added about 200 words.

I'm still not sure if I've gotten the tenses right. *rolls eyes* Have I mentioned I hate them?

Today was nice and quiet. Almost no kids. Then when the boys came home they chased all of us around with the crabs they'd caught in some river and told us how D sunk the boat by pulling the plug. *snicker*

Mom bought one of those automatic Airwick air fresheners, and everytime it goes off I almost jump out of my freaking skin. lol

Then I surprised mom by cooking fajitas for dinner. It wasn't the fact that I cooked them, but how I cooked the meat. She'd never had any of mine before and didn't know that I marinate the steak for a couple hours after it's cut up. The kids loved them, and I think 15 of the things were eaten in less than 10 min. Go me and my non-cooking ass self! *vbg*

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