Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

*tries not to bang head against the desk*

Spent most of the day watching kids and working with the DSL tech that came out. He was very knowledgeable and so very stumped as to what is causing the signal drain. Though he didn't believe it was the cut wires, and only taped them with electrical tape. :P

I personally still think they should be replaced. But this guy came in, hooked his own laptop up to my modem after hearing the details of the problem. Nada. He tried the various ways to release and renew the IP address. Still nothing.

So he calls the main office somewhere in Cali and ends up on hold himself for about 30-40 min. because techs call the same number the customers do. Gets hold of the guy, and after a bit of talking and holding again, the guy in Cali says he's changed out a circuit.

It's getting online alright, but it's as slow as dial up. I've tried to upload things to Yousendit, and to my own server and the transfers fail because they're only going 1.4-2.0 kb/s.

I finally gave up, and instead of having a nice relaxing day writing, and chilling out without any kids to watch, I'm going to be on the phone with Verizon DSL again.

Tags: computer, dsl, personal

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