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Fic: Payback's A Bitch

Author's Notes: This was written for two little spinster teachers (*g* Sarahjane and ScaperRed) who were upset over what Grayza did on the show and in my drabble 'Shhh....She Might Hear You...'
Setting: AU for What Was Lost part 2.
Rating: NC- 17 So if you're under this age. Go on get! This isn't for you!
Disclaimer: Not mine...If it was, we'd have a Farscape Channel

Your wrists and ankles sting from the leather straps that bit into your flesh. You fold your mind into that small amount of pain, you welcome it.

She has left you alone for a moment, and you see the lakka. You reach for it as your body and mind shake off the remnants of the oil, but you hear her approach again and quickly draw back your hand before she can see.

She's touching you again, rubbing her hands over your body. Trying to tease and excite you again. Whispering that she can hear your heart. It won't work...not now. Your body heats up, not with desire, but with hatred for the bitch...this whore that tried to take that last bit of you. You roll her onto her stomach, and she allows you to truss her up like you were.

You kneel between her legs and lean close to her ear and whisper, "You like it like that?" It's all you can do not to hiss the words as you reach for the knife that she had placed on the block next to you both. She smiles, and doesn't see the knife in your hand. The cold metal touches the sensitive skin of her clit, and you grin as she jerks in surprise.

"You like it like that?" you say again, this time allowing your hatred for her to roll off of your tongue. You cover her mouth a microt before you shove the knife into her pussy and twist it. Tearing flesh more as she bucks wildly under the weight of your body. You feel her life trickle out, touching your knees as you continue to hold her. Her movements slow...muscles relax. You whisper as her eyes begin to glaze, "You never heard my heart." You feel as her breath stops. Removing your hand, you let her head drop hard onto the soon to be cold slap of stone.

Climbing off, you leave the knife stuck in her as a reminder of who she was...and who you now are. You dress and feel as her blood begins to dry upon your skin. You hear D'Argo's signal...it was time to go.

Later you know will feel remorse...but maybe not.
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