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Woot! I'm on a roll,

two drabbles in two weeks! Uh, I used to be able to do better than that. Anyway, I posted this at farscapefriday.

Note: This came to me when I noticed a woman, at least it made me think of a woman, during Premiere walking past John. Thanks to thehallway for the beta. 105 words
Setting: The Choice

She sees him

She sees him, and is instantly, painfully, reminded of what was lost. Of what drew a spark that she once thought was a fluke, an aberration.

Not. Real.

A spark that grew and was quiet for too long, pushed aside because of false doctrine.

He stands there, innocence in a new world. Something she grew familiar with, longed for, and hated.

She wants to reach out, to see if he is tangible this time. Frightened of what she'll find as an answer. That she'll become twisted up, and forget that he's gone.

He stands there for only a moment. Lost. Alone. Beautiful.

She moves on.


Also, another new icon. *points at display piccie* Couldn't resist after all the lusciousness I've uploaded from sdwolfpup,pdxscaper, and lowdownbeat earlier.
Tags: fic

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