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New Video: Fading Away.

I really enjoyed working on this video. I guess it's because it's a song that PrincessAeryn turned me to, and she immediately saw it as a John video when he was going crazy in season 2. We listened to it over and over, thinking about clips and scenes that would work for the for certain lines. Several of the effects came to me when I was putting it together, and played a bit in photoshop to do them. So you have to pay attention to this video, because they're subtle. I didn't want to over do it. :laugh:

There is one part that is a kind of homage to the original video Untitled by Simple Plan. I absolutely love the way it was shot, and I wanted to try and replicate it as best as I could.

Okay enough babbling, this video is actually one of my rare dial up safe videos at 23 MB. I hope you enjoy it since it was a lot of fun to do.

Fading Away
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