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Children should be kept in cryopods

at least until they're 18.

My ex sis-in-law actually talked to me like a civilized person yesterday and about M. She told me that she wants me to talk to her about sex. I was like 'huh?!' It seems that M's best friend has had sex...at 12 years old!

She even wanted me to see about helping get M birth control since M will only come to me about personal stuff. I told her that we'd already talked about the subject once or twice when the subject came up from tv programs. The SIL doesn't know it yet, but I used her, my bro, and my sister as an example why NOT to have sex at a young age and how it can ruin a person's life for a very long time. (SIL and sister became mothers by the time they were 15.)

M does likes boys, but not in the way that most of her friends do. She still makes funny faces when a kissing scene comes on and hides her eyes at that point on R rated films since I taught her at a young age that was when the 'nasty stuff' is about to begin. *g*

I know I may be seeing what I want to when it comes to her, but I know she's smart girl and will make the right decision if/when the times comes. But she is still a kid and needs to have things pointed out to her on occasion. Especially since she does have a bad tendency to 'follow the crowd'. I'm still trying to get her to be the one to set the example instead. Or rather think for herself, and not be led into a bad idea. M has improved on that though, to the point of being downright bossy on occasion with her girlfriends.

I will say this last thing, the first boy that tells her 'I love you' as an excuse to get down and dirty with her (shudder), he will become a eunuch by way of very dull kitchen knife. *veg*
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