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Belief In Ghosts

Title: Belief In Ghosts
Author's Notes: Posted originally on farscapefriday for the horror challenge. 151 words. Thanks to Sarahjane for the beta.
Setting: Late Season 2
Rated: G
Disclaimer: Not Mine. If it was, we'd have a Farscape channel.

Belief In Ghosts

Spooky decrepit buildings. The castle atop the hill, hiding away the fairy princess needing to be saved. That’s where ghouls and devils lurked. The things of nightmares, stories told to keep small children in bed at night, hiding beneath the covers.

They’re not supposed to flash by, seen out of the corner of your eye while you’re wide-awake. Teasing, taunting you with words and the feel of cool leather along your face as you take a bite of dinner. Whispering words that dribble and creep down the walls, along the fine hairs of your neck and arms.

Pushing away friends, family forgotten momentarily.

Overriding all thought to the point of distraction.

It’s worse when the words take shape, and your nightmares come true. When they grin back at you in the mirror.

Your shadow. Your mirror image distorted until you no longer can tell where you end and the other begins.
Tags: fic

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