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Ahhh... First day of school.

All is quiet, sort of. I'm babysitting the wee ones again. I'd forgotten how much I hate changing dirty diapers. *grabs nose plug*

My niece M is in Jr. High, I mean Middle School, so her school doesn't start until 9am. Anyway, she came by this morning while waiting on her bus. She mentioned she met her new homeroom teacher and she's not freaked out anymore about his huge mustache. *snicker*

Now that was funny when she found out that she had a male teacher last week. But she told me that she's in all advanced classes, except for math, but one class is called 'Critical Thinking'. It's for students that achieve high marks on the FCAT test.

She's worried about keeping up in math, but I told her to chill for now. The beginning of the year they usually review what was taught the year before and she has the option to get into the tutoring class again if she feels she needs it.

One thing that ticked me off about her first day back to school was the fact her mom chewed her out for needing extra supplies for class, and if she'd known M would need extra stuff, she wouldn't have given permission for her to attend. Neither one of M's parents have said one encouraging word to her about being smart enough to be in these classes.

Here they have this smart kid, whose into reading, music, photography, and actually likes to earn her own money...and they bitch about her being like this. I can't help but wish that she was my kid, I'd brag about her from the freaking rooftop. (sort of what I'm doing here I guess. *g*)

Eep, gotta stop the 3 yr old from putting a dress on the puppies.

Snurched from halcyon_shift
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Eventually you:discover a whole tiny civilization living in one of the back corridors and make first contact with them
And guess who comes looking for *you*?Mickey
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