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In my mind and in my car, we can't rewind we've gone to far

I've been trying to block out the sound of Barney this morning by watching the episode Kansas and it got me to wondering.

When John began to disappear from existence with his younger self's death, why didn't the others also begin to disappear or change? If, like he said in the beginning of the episode, his arrival in the UTs facilitated their change in destinies...

Wouldn't the fact that he never arrived there cause them all to change to what they would have been? Or something like that.

Okay, I'm not sure that made a lick of sense. *yawn* I need more caffeine.

By the way, thanks for hitting up my poll the other day and the comments left. It did help me figure out why I'm probably blocked on the writing. I've been focusing on the wrong aspect of the story.
Tags: ponderings

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