Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

One little pondering about BSG

Okay, I was thinking as I was dozing off last night, and a thought occurred to me. Yes, I do have those. *g*

I've heard in the previous weeks before the season opener, that Starbuck may possibly be pregnant. Sticks in a lot of folks craw, I'm sure.

Anyway, now we have this deal with Baltar's 'child' with Six. Hasn't the only person he's had sex with, that I can recall, been Starbuck?

Was anyone else able to fly the cyclon ship other than her?

She also 'connected' a bit with that one cylon that was shot out the airlock by Roslin.

Could it be possible that Starbuck is a cyclon and like Boomer in the fact that she doesn't know? Parts of her personality siphoned off to 'make' Six, or rather a hidden facet of her personality that was used as a template.

I know I'm probably just blowing smoke here, but it is a possibility. I mean, Boomer didn't know herself there for a very long time. She had a life of her own, friends, lovers, family.

Or I could just need more coffee. *g*
Tags: bsg ponderings

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