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Ahhh...the power of cheese....

Don't know why that saying is running around in my head at the moment, but it is, so its a good subject line.

Got off work last night at 1 am, had fun wrestling the stick shift of my new truck into place. (I had traded my other because I got tired of putting in $50 a week into the gas tank) I'm proud of myself, only killed it a couple of times.*g* I'm terrified I'll be in traffic and go to put it into 4th gear and accidently put into reverse. Talk about Whoops!

Checked out the boards and then talked to o2difor til daylight. Damn we can really get to talking...LOL I can't wait to meet her crazy ass at the con. And she's talked me into doing something truely horrifying. Wearing...a...dress. A cocktail dress at that. My mother said she wants pictures of this...lots of pics. (yeah right mom! So you can blackmail me? HA!)

Checking out the new fluffy bunny board for all of is shippiness. It's very nicely done, and you can overdose on Shippy to your little hearts content.

I want a board for nothing but dark fic goddammit! I've already started checking into doing that deal at Boardnation myself.

Do I have any volunteers for the Dark Brigade Board? I'm searching for people that want to play Moderator and can help me figure out where to put what.

Don't get me wrong...I love shippy. I am a shipper. BUT (there's always a but) That is not want floats my boat. I like the darkness...I crave that darker side of Farscape. It's more realistic in a sense.

But what I had in mind for this board is a section for the fic, and then an area for people to discuss those fics if they desired. Of course another area for Farscape ramblings and all that. Or something like that. My brain is still waking up right now.*g*

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