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Well got home a bit ago from the re-scheduled appt to get help for my lights. Success! Unfortunately I have to take some 'employability' classes. I only have to go through the series once, or until I can find a job.

Oh, forgot to mention that the job I supposedly got here while back, after he had me train for 4 hours he told me he'd call me to let me know my hours for 3rd shift. He never called back and the last time I spoke with him he said he's decided NOT to have a 3rd shift.

Anyway... Tomorrow I'm also going to speak with the county's employment help person to see if maybe they can help me out more in that area. Fun, fun, fun! So not!

To get off of the depressing subject, here's a picture that Phi sent me on how not to take a picture of your cat. Look at the window behind the cat. *eg*

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I seriously snarked out coffee on that when I realized what it was.

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