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Fic: Shhh...she might hear you...

Author's Notes: Written in “honor” (please note the sarcasm) of Dubya’s Protection Against Porn for farscapefriday.
Setting: What Was Lost part 1
Rating: NC-17...run away now if you're under that age.
Disclaimer: Not mine...If it was, we'd have a Farscape Channel.

Shhh...she might hear you...

You keep telling yourself that as your pulse pounds in your ears. Matching beat for beat as your dick thrusts harder into her. Hoping...praying that you are causing her pain instead of the pleasure you can see on her face, in her strange violet eyes. You don't want her to hear your heart, she can't know that one place. You can't help revealing the answer to every secret she asks of you, but she will never know what it truely holds.

You want to tell her everything, but you want her to pay a price for those answers. You want her to feel pain instead of your sweat slick skin. You want to slide a knife against her wet clit and thrust upward instead of your cock. But you can't. The oil makes your own body betray you with desire. It feels as your head is going to explode if you can't make her scream in pleasure as your teeth pull against her hard nipples. Your hand squeezes and tugs her other breast...hard. She likes it hard, she likes it rough, and at this moment so do you. Because she wants it...commands it of you, and you'll give it to her. You try and control your breathing, to slow down the sound of your heartbeat, because she can never really hear your heart.
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