Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Typical convo between me and catherinebruce

CB: Have you ever danced with the devil by the pale moon light?

Kaz: why yes. yes i have.

CB: Hieeeeeeee!

CB: And oooooooooh!

Kaz: *jumps on you and snuggles*

Kaz: did you get my emails?

CB: *Snuggles baaaaaack!*

CB: Haven't been there yet. These computers don't seem to like it, and half the time wont let it through

CB: *Twitches* Why is it hard to find tutorials for making things look Dead Sexy in photoshop whyyyyyy?

Kaz: hold on

CB: Weehaw!

Kaz: http://gallery.artofgregmartin.com/tutorials.html




Kaz: these are the best that i've seen.

CB: WOOT! *Loves you BUNCHES and LOTS and MANYS!!!*

Kaz: you know how you can repay me... *insert leering smug smilie*

CB: I think so Brain, but how are we gonna get John Crichton, an Olympic sized pool, and three thousand packs of chocolate pudding at THIS hour?

Kaz: *falls over laughing*

Kaz: i've got a plan!

CB: *bats eyelashes*

Kaz: *shades*

CB: Uh oh! I'm ascared now!

CB: :D

Kaz: but that's why you love me. i'm sexy..and dangerous.

CB: Oh yeah.

Kaz: so how goes Father? he still a rotten bastard and torturing the boy?

Kaz: or has the big bad army men not been allowing you and cathy time to write?

CB: Oh yes! Sadly he doesn't wanna stop that

Kaz: YES! put the hurt on Father!

CB: I and I have been having Farscape ROAD blocks!

Kaz: well fuck a duck

CB: Only if he buys me dinner first

Kaz: quack

CB: lol!

CB: Hmmm. If Catwoman has all the flexibility of a cat, and cats clean themselves, I wonder...

Kaz: very happy woman?

CB: lol! oh yeah.

Kaz: thought so.
Tags: crack

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