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So I go and wake up at 5am...

Author's Note:
And I wrote this. It's actually from a dream I had a couple nights ago that distinctly had a Farscape feel to it and I'd written it up. There never was a beta for this because the grammar and language definitely are not typical. So all mistakes are my own and I welcome all feedback because this is my favorite style to write in.
Not mine. If it was, we'd have a Farscape channel.

Wake Up

The house is a car is a ship that I lean my ladder against.


Take one step up and it shakes, the foundation only as strong as the ties that hold it in place.

A lady waits for me. I won’t go to her, making it only as far as this ship will let me.

I can see her. She mourns, and I care, but I really don’t.

Passing her by as if nothing substantial. She covers her face. To cry, but a laugh takes its place. Face contorting with glee when her hands fall dead at her side.

I laugh.

And laugh.

And I laugh.

Then I fall, catching myself just before the edge. I look down into nothing. Only blue water sifting and rolling beneath me, my ship, my house, my car.

It splits, white foam gathering at the edges.

And I wake up.


edited to add a proper format to the notes.

eta: meta behind the story over here.
Tags: dream, fic
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