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I'm a barbie girl, in a barbie woooorrrrllld!

subject line brought to you by the society to stick music in cretkid's head

Today, I feel much better. No headache to speak of.

I found a couple good surprises in my email this morning. Over the weekend I'd asked permission and was allowed to post the link to my slash video to this particular Yahoo group that does slash fanfic for a bunch of fandoms. Anyway, one response was from a guy that had never seen Farscape, but because of the video he now wants to check it out.

I'm beyond surprised at the response to this video. Especially at the TBBM. Just damn! A lot of folks have said it wasn't their thing, but what gets me is that they watched it anyway and they still liked it for other merits.

I've also been doing a re-write of a section on 2 Johns. Don't go groaning yet. Yes, I know you're all tired of hearing me talk about this. :P Tweekiness is almost complete, but I hated the lameness of one particular scene and found a solution and wrote over 1000 words on that section within a day. Would have done more, but that headache wiped me out for doing anything.

*sends spiked tea and soft comfy pillows to kixxa and halcyon_shift to feel better soon and hopes someone will give LD a damn pencil.*

ETA: Yoda just tripped over his stuffed doll and he landed with it in his arms. I think he's trying to look like he meant to do that. *wonders about puppy's sanity*

  • *kicks YIM in the nuts..twice*

    Sure... just as a girl is writing naughty hurt/comfort fic...YIM goes down. ETA: It's finally back up!

  • Emails Back!

    *hugs it* I'm so hopelessly addicted to checking my email. I need help. LOL

  • *kicks Yahoo in the nads*

    Bastards need to hurry up and let me back into my bloody email! I'm getting notifications but... *twitch* I can't access it. *twitch*

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