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WIP from thehallway

More of Sarahjane's Baby, Hit Me One More Time.

Just a reminder that these are still a rough first draft of the story and set after PKWars. All feedback is welcome.

This section is NC-17. Finally! *g*

Previous parts

Baby, Hit Me snippet 6

She palmed the door open as he stood one step to the side, eyes fierce and hungry on her. She felt his body’s need humming through him as she slid past into the darkened quarters. His hand was on her shoulders, slipping her jacket off to be tossed carelessly into the dark as he turned her in his arms.

Lights low,” he murmured as one hand wrapped her neck and his lips crushed hers. His free hand trailed down the delicate curve of her spine, pulled her shirt from her waistband to caress the silken skin there. Strong, seeking fingers traveled lower to cup the curve of her ass, pull her tight against him, grinding against her hard and hot and heavy.

With a growl his tongue delved deep, feeling foreign in her mouth, choking her as it mapped hidden territory. She jerked her lips away as his hands moved suddenly to her waist, rucked her shirt up and over her arms in one liquid motion. As her arms came down she shoved hard against him, followed him, backed him up against the wall.

His body thrummed with need and want and he watched her with hooded eyes as she flowed to her knees in front of him. As she settled, his hands moved to cup her crown, fingers fisting in her hair as hers worked his belt loose and off, opened fasteners and slid leathers over slim hips.

Her eyes closed as she slid her hands up his thighs, one sliding smoothly down his length the base of his rigid cock as her tongue swirled his tip. He groaned and surged forward as took him in deep her mouth gone suddenly dry. His hands cupped her head again, guiding her as she worked him, slowly gliding back then taking him again to his base, cheeks hollowed as she sucked him back deep in her throat.

His body stiffened under her hands as moaned deep and low in his throat, strong fingers twined in her hair, guiding her as lips and wet, warm tongue licked and swirled and sucked, set up a rhythm. Strong, slender fingers came up between his legs to cup his balls, rolling first one then the other gently in her grip, then sliding slowly back to stroke the soft skin behind them.

He growled harsh and deep in the back of his throat, fisted his hands more tightly in her hair, drove the heels of his hands against her the sides of her head and tugged. His cock slid smoothly from her lips as her hands pushed against his inner thighs and she rose in one liquid motion.

He kicked his pants to the far wall and dragged her face to his, breathing harsh and ragged as he molded his lips to hers, drove his tongue deep again, probing and demanding, wrestling with hers. His hands flowed over her shoulders, around her back to release her bra. He tossed it blindly as his free arm wrapped around her, crushing her breasts to his chest.

His hands slid down her body, met at her middle to make short work of fasteners and zippers. Her leathers slid over the swell of her hips to pool on the floor at her feet. Groping hands found their way back to the valley of her waist, slid around the silken curve of her ass to cup her, lift her as long, lean legs wrapped around him. He spun them, fused lips and shoulders to hip, his hot, heavy erection between them.

Her arms came up around his neck as he ground hard against her. She ripped her lips from his and flinched with a gasp as his teeth sank into the join of her neck and shoulder. “Bed,” she snarled, guttural and harsh in his ear.

He pulled her closer, off the wall, covered the distance to the bed in three long strides. She fell back and he followed, pinning her under his greater mass. His lips crushed her swollen ones again, teeth clicking as he worked her mouth, sucked her tongue into his.

She slid her fingers along his face and into his hair, pulled him roughly away as she moved to roll them over. He suddenly shifted, pinned her arms and slid down her body. He stopped to lick and nip at her nipple before clamping down hard to suck wetly. She squirmed beneath him and he pulled away, trailed his tongue across her chest to nip harder and suck longer at the other.

She bucked hard against him with a grunt, tried again to shift and roll, but his hands were steel on her wrists as he slipped lower down her body, forearms pinning her thighs wide as he laid her open slit to clit with a long sweep of his tongue.

She hissed harshly and broke his hold on one wrist. Fingers trailed across her sweat soaked belly, slipped down the slide of her inner thigh to drive their way deep inside her. With an atonal keen she jerked as though burned, blindly curved her fingers through his hair and pulled.

He crawled back up her body, lips and teeth down hard on the pale length of her neck. She tensed, threw a leg and rolled them, straddling him with feral grace. She raised herself and sheathed him in one fluid motion, driving down hard to seat him deeply. Steel fingers dug deep into her hips, his eyes fierce burned and hungry in the low light, his breathing harsh and ragged as she began to ride him.

His hands wrapped her wrists, bowed her body taut as he forced them back to settle her hands on his upper thighs. She clenched fiercely as he groaned, and his fingers curved around her hips, fierce and demanding as he guided her.

Without warning his hands found her head, fingers curling into fists buried deep in the spill of hair. He tugged hard, pulled her over and down, crushed her breasts to his sweat slicked chest as steel arms wrapped her tightly and rolled them.

He pushed up on his knees, still buried deep inside her, slid his hands down her thighs, lifted her legs to his shoulders. Heavy lidded eyes locked on hers as his hips began to piston. He drove fierce and hard balls deep into her, hips smacking her ass as she came up off the mattress and he pumped hard and fast. Tendons corded in his neck and stood in taut relief on his arms where they grabbed hers to anchor her to him.

With a growl his head turned suddenly and his teeth sank into her calf as he drove deep one last time. She clenched and he exploded.

He fell forward, suddenly boneless, pinned her beneath him. With a grunt she shoved him off.

“Too hot.”

He lay on his back next to her, breathing heavily as she jackknifed herself to a sitting position.

“You haven’t got much time.”

“I know.” He pulled himself up to sit next to her. “I have to get back to my quarters.” He swung his legs off the bed, moved to snag his leathers.

She slowly got to her feet and turned to see him already dressed. She moved slowly around the bed as he held out his hand waiting for her. Curling his fingers around hers, he led her to the door. “If I’m not back before you leave, be careful.” He kissed her gently. “Come back to me.”

Her door slid open and his fingers fell from hers as he slipped out into the corridor. She’d turned and started covering the distance to her personal terminal before it had whooshed closed.

Calling up her personnel files for the mission, she checked names and matched faces, then skimmed the failed mission report. When she finished, she opened a comms channel. “Lieutenant?”

“Ma’m?” He looked at the med-tech as he waited for her response.

“Meet me in my quarters. One arn.”

“Yes, ma’m.”

She closed the channel and walked into the fresher. She started the water and slipped a dentic into her mouth, idly fingering the angry bruises forming on the side of her throat and at the base of her neck.

Slipping the dentic out of her mouth and back into its container, she stepped into the shower. She let the water beat down on her, hotter than she liked it, leaned her head back into the stream.

A tidal wave of nausea rolled over her, her stomach heaved violently and turned inside out, dropping her to her knees. She felt the pull in her diaphragm, tearing muscle as she heaved uncontrollably. By the time the bile was gone and the dry heaves had subsided, she was curled in a tight ball under the pounding water.


He stretched his hand, looked at the body on the med bed still under light sedation and in soft restraints. “Keep him here until First Meal and then we’ll take him to the techs.”

“Yes, sir.”

He left the med bay and headed toward the level risers and in a little over five hundred he was standing outside her quarters. The door opened and she stood there in her workout clothes.

“Lieutenant.” With a nod she gestured him in.

“What’s wrong with your hand?”

Her voice was low and soft in the stillness of her quarters, but it sent a shiver down his spine as she pinned him with her gaze.

He realized his hand was still clenching and unclenching reflexively and he willed it to stop. “Just a small accident, Ma’m.”

“You’ll be ready to go?”

“Yes, ma’m.”

She turned and led him to her terminal. “This is our most current intel?”

He looked and skimmed the report. “Yes, ma’m.”

She scrolled down. “And this is the new mission brief?”

“Yes, ma’m.”

“Complete with escape and evade?”

“Yes, ma’m.”

“Good. We’ll do a final briefing with the entire team after First Meal. Run a few sims. And then we’ll wait. Make sure the others know.”

“Yes, ma’m.”

Her nod dismissed him.


The hand over his mouth snapped his eyelids open to see her standing next to him backlit by the low level illumination of the sleep cycle in the med baby. His had stained against its bond, groped for hers. It slid gently into place and his finger curled around it. Her other hand moved to trail soft fingers across his lips, two of them pressing gently before leaving.

A sudden thought cut through the cotton wrapping his brain, made his stomach roll. “Where’s the tech?”


“Of course.” He relaxed against the hard bed.

“I take it this has something to do with my lieutenant’s hand,” she murmured.

“My nose broke it.” His voice was barely a whisper as he tugged her hand, urged her closer.


As she hunkered down beside him his eyes focused on the angry red lines and purple-black bruises on her throat, imagined others on other places on her body.

He pulled violently against his restraints, growled low and harsh deep in the back of his throat. “What did he do to you?”

“He didn’t do anything, John.” Her voice was low and level in the quiet of the bay, her eyes flat and dead.

He focused on her voice, her eyes, her hand clutched tightly in his own like a lifeline as a knife, edgy and dull carved a valley for the freight train suddenly running through the middle of his skull.

She chose not to see your brains splattered against a command carrier’s wall. She chose to give your son a living father and not a memory. She chose…this.

“What do you need?”

“They’ll release you after First Meal.” Her eyes blazed suddenly as she whispered fiercely, “Stay with the techs.”

He nodded once to let her know he understood.

“From what it looks like, we’ll be going out sometime within the next two solar days.”

She shifted slightly, made sure she was in his line of sight. “I may not be able to see you before that. But when I come back I need you to be ready. I’ll take my things with me. Have yours ready and close to the bay when I get back.”

“I can do that,” he whispered, easing back his death grip on her hand and giving it a gentle squeeze. “Come here.”

Her eyes locked on his as she leaned forward. His head came off the bed to meet her, his lips seeking hers as he kissed her sweet and soft.

She broke the kiss gently, let her forehead rest against his as they shared the same air.

“I love you,” he breathed.

“I know.” She ran her free hand through his hair. “I love you, too.”

She rose without a sound, squeezed his hand and was gone.

He lay in the semi-dark, eyes wide open and staring.
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  • O_o

    I just had the shit scared out of me by a FROG jumping on me in bed. You know what... that kinda puts a damper on things when you're reading really…

  • oh that just not right!

    It's 82 degrees at 5am. It's supposed to be 100 degrees again today, and going to be 97 for the next three days. Yay! A cool spell. Originally…

  • *twitch* You have got to be kidding me

    I really hate when a decent story suddenly goes fucking After School Special on me. Now the important question is this: Do I blip over the emo man…