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*leaning and giving computer a big kiss*

I did it! I survived doing a system restart of Pip! That's it, it's official...I'm fucking addicted to this gray bitch. I may have mentioned to more than a few people that I've had trouble for the last few weeks with her, well yesterday when I went to work I began the system restore. I came home and about died cause I thought I had scewed by leaving it alone. It had this 'need files' deal up. It didn't say anything about this in the instructions I printed out from the HP site. I freaked for a couple of minutes then started to play with it.

Don't know what I did, but it began to go through the XP set up...then froze. I called HP tech support, they told me my warranty ran out 2 months ago. The guy told me what to do anyway(i could kiss him right now). Restarted the computer and began the restore all over again. Same damn window for 'need files' popped up. I have no idea what I did the first time to make it continue, so I played with it again...it continued. Then froze in the same spot, then the 'need files' window came up while it was froze. Played some more...Am I boring you yet? Image how I felt. Got it to continue past the frozen point. Went through the XP set up, drivers, irritating and freaky Einstein looking dude. AOL set up...and all that shit...and now. 4 hours after getting home from work at 1:10 am...BABY I'M HOME! *shaking ass in the air doing happy dance*

The only thing that kept me from going into max overload and totally wigging was that I had put on Farscape on to watch in between the long uploads. Season 1 at that...LOL I guess I needed that calm of TGIFA and BBBTTF to keep me from busting this sucker against my desk.

If you've read this far...congratulations. You have just reached the 5th level of the P'au priesthood. *g*

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