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*reaches for the advil and shuts the blinds*

I was still awake at 4am this morning. Finally, I dropped off and slept. Got up an hour ago with a monster headache. Maybe if I stay in the dark for a bit longer it'll stay away from the migraine zone long enough for the Advil to work before I have to go grab the kids from day camp.

I really did enjoy The 4400 last night despite my dad's stupid comments about it. So watching all of the first season plus the season premiere didn't help. Oh well, get over it. How damn often do I watch tv anymore? Plus he made some dumb comment about my writing. Listen old man, when you actually read more than a paragraph of what I write, then you can have an opinion. Now shove off and go watch Gladiator again.

Just realized that I'd forgotten to watch Dr. Who yesterday what with the computer jazz and 4400 squeeage going on. *gasps in shock* Now I must go rectify that before I have to go get the spawn of satan.

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