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Why yes, I am still awake...

And my mom's computer his beyooooooooooooond screwed. She'd asked me to reformat it because it's been having problems for a long time. I told her it's had the same problems since she bought the thing, and to call Dell since she'd bought the 3 year extended warranty. She never did. So she asked me to do this to it and fix it for her...again.

This baby is T O A S T! And she fucked herself over more than likely having me reformat it because I think that voids her warranty. Not positive and she's lost the paperwork. Or more accurately, the kids lost it. I knew I should have taken the papers with me when I moved out, this is the reason I keep all of her software discs at my place. I didn't think to ask her if she'd checked until it was too late and she was in church already and her cell phone turned off.

She hasn't had the blue screen of death yet, but there are just so many things that go wrong with it. For everything I installed, it froze up and I had to restart it. Each of the driver installation/updates took 3-4 attempts. Just to re-install YIM took 45 minutes. I told her I wasn't even going to try her printer software.

I worked on her computer from 9:30 this morning until 2pm, finally I gave up the ghost. I no longer had the patience to deal with it, being around the kids arguing about their chores, being sleepy and trying to watch The 4400 with mom. Which it turns out she really likes.

Now I'm going to go hijack the tv from dad. *g*

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