Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Well shoot...

I'd hoped to have something finished before the end of the day, but my brain went on strike.

Happy Birthday kixxa! I hope you have a wonderful year to match just how sweet you are. *hug*

If you don't mind it, here's a piece of something I've been working on this evening for you.

There is no daylight here, only perpetual night that has me hanging by my fingertips.

Hoping for a sign.

A sign that my field of dreams isn’t a hallucination driving me against the razor’s edge.

Needling me, picking away at a scab that just won’t heal.

A smile. That’s not too much to ask for, is it?

There's a scratching at my door. I don't want to let him in, but the sound is persistent. Unnerving and a little more than an irritation. It can't hurt to just open it a crack. Can it?

The crack widens, expands and envelops. Completely. Inside and out.

Tentacles reaching outward, and a star is gone.

Did it exist?

Was it only my imagination?

A rambling fairytale whispered in the middle of the night.

Make believe that became solid for a moment only to blister and shatter once I woke.

I'm sorry if it makes no sense at the moment, but it should when it's finished.
Tags: fic snippet

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