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Me - me - meeeeeme

Stolen maliciousl from scorpy808, a new meme:

What's up with you ... right now?

1) What time is it?

3:16 am

2) What are you doing on the internet?

It's the middle of the night and I have no life.

3) What are you wearing?

Nothing. I'm buck nekkid with the exception of the tiara on my head

4) What's the top news story where you are right now?

George W. Bush is a jackass.

5) Why are you answering these questions?

Uh, because you told me to alleviate your boredom.

Did I pass the test teach? *bats eyelashes*

My dad saw the final two epis of Firefly tonight and like me, he loved Objects in Space. His exact words when it was over. 'And this was the last episode? What fucking idiots. It was just getting really damn good too!'

For the first time this week, we agree on something. *g*

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