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What's the deal?

Almost my entire life, since I was able to read anyway, I have always gravitated towards the darkness in a character. Especially the hero of a story turning evil, or doing bad things themselves that they normally wouldn't do.

You could say it floats my boat, tickles my fancy...or a bunch of other little cliches that fit that description.

And this compulsion to see this was never more prominent than since I started watching John Crichton. I see this sweet, funny guy growing more dark as the seasons progress...and I want to see him bad. When he started to not take shit off of anyone in Season 3 I was beside myself with happiness and saying 'It's about fucking time.' Especially during WSS:FA when he tricked the nurse from the Scarran freighter and then bashed her head after he saw Aeryn lying tied up. Then when he later went through that ship guns blazing with just a flashlight and a pulse rifle. I was jumping up and down, screaming at the tv 'GO BOY! KILL EM ALL!!'Then was disappointed he didnt kill the Kalish Dr. in charge of the boarder station. But when he kissed Aeryn's hand after she said stay...The look on his face got me all weepy and I was glad he didn't go that far and kill the Dr.

What's bad is I miss the gentleness of the way he was in beginning of Season 1 as well. Talk about mixed up...LOL

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