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Beyond freakin SQUEE baby!

avenuepotter (Angel of Moya) has finally finished the perfect video. At least in my mind. Okay, so it was made for me, but fuck this is awesome!

It's so damn ME, it has everything I love: John/Scorpius/Harvey, trippiness and insanity, and the song WOW. She played it for me in Burbank and told me she wanted to vid it and I've been waiting patiently ever since. *g* It's a remake/tribute of the Pet Shop Boys song West End Girls, but before you think it's anything like the original...think again. This song is a whole other beast.

Go forth and praise her amazing abilities, cause DUDE she deserves it. If you're not signed up at Kansas, you can let her know what you think on her lj.

Now I'll never fall asleep now and it's 7am.

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