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thehallway fic snip

Next section in her WIP, and a first draft. Feel free to leave feedback. Set after PKWars, and for now rated G.

1st snippet is here.

Baby, hit me - Snip 2


He strode quickly through the dimly lit corridors of the night cycle on his way to the med bay, trying not to focus on the same slight body he had carried before, the same slight body oddly heavier and inflexible in death.

He knew Aeryn was busy going through the pilots’ logs and ship’s data trying to find out where and when and how and why this Aeryn Sun had arrived here. It was his job to find out when and how she’d died.

“Pilot,” he called as he approached the bay. “Little help please.”

The door to the med bay opened as just as he got there and he crossed the distance to the med-bed in three long strides. Gently he placed the body on the bed as his eyes came to rest on the very familiar face. The eyes were closed, but if they’d been open he knew exactly what shade they would be as they looked at him.

His hand moved without thought, came to rest lightly on the waterfall of hair the pooled on the pillow, the same silken shade of flowing ink that his fingers knew by simple sense memory and touch.

He took her hand gently in his. Only hazily cognizant of the irony, he stroked the back lightly with his thumb, traced her cold fingers with his warm ones, turned it in his to trace the palm before finally folding the smaller, lightly curled fist in his larger one.

He moved his free hand, fingertips lightly brushing strands of hair behind the delicate shell of her ear. His fingers moved again to trace her brow, her cheek, the line of her neck, the curve of her collarbone.

He knew every dench of this body. Someone with the same eyes, the same hands, the same feel under his hands. The same responses to him. His stomach lurched as his world turned and something shifted sharply deep inside.

Was this what she had felt? Coming back to Moya and looking at him that lifetime ago?

He was burning up suddenly as a tidal wave of nausea rolled through him, grabbing him and dragging him under, his vision narrowing as the walls of the bay closed in on him. He gripped the sides of the bed quickly, his head dropping as his lungs strained for air and his legs buckled slightly.

When the wave passed he raised his head, breathed deeply, and reached for the scanner.

Aeryn would be here soon and he would have some answers for them.


She stepped into the bay and stood silently just inside the door watching him. Eyes unfocused and unblinking, he hadn’t heard her enter and was standing motionless, next to…the body.

Her body.

As she watched, she realized that he wasn’t completely inanimate. His hand drifted, fingertips ghosting over the brow, down the nose, across the cheek to trace the shell of the ear, along the jawline, down the pale length of the neck to follow the curve of the collarbone.

And then the journey began again.

She stepped lightly toward the bed, careful not to disturb him. His eyes snapped into focus suddenly, and his head turned to her as her presence registered. A small smile played at his lips as he let his hand fall.

“How ya doing?”

She shrugged a shoulder slightly, reached to slide the backs of her fingers down the smooth, cool cheek. “It’s very…odd.”

His eyes flicked between her face and the one on the bed, came back to rest on hers as he asked quietly, “Seeing…you?”

“I guess you’d understand that better than anyone,” she smiled softly.

“It’s pretty strange on the other side, too,” he reached over, ran a hand over her hair to wrap her neck.

He sighed and pulled lightly to bring her forehead to his. Eyes closed, their breathing warm and in synch, a microt of shared space in silence.

“Do you know what…happened?”

He brought his lips to her forehead before releasing her. “No,” he confessed. “No idea. There’s no evidence of open or closed head injury, no evidence of blunt or penetrating trauma. Nothing the scanner picked up.” He looked over at her. “She’s just…dead,” he finished softly.

“I thought so,” she said quietly.

“You don’t seem surprised.”

She shrugged again. “Come with me. I may have some answers.”

“Where?” He held out his hand.

“Command,” she slid her hand into his.

“I’m not gonna like this, am I?”

“Probably not,” she agreed and led him into the corridor.
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