Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

*brain go splody*

I was just informed by my ex sis-in-law that I'm not allowed to take my nephew H to see Star Wars III. Her boyfriend is taking him instead.

Guess what bitch. YOU don't have him on the weekends, my brother does. So guess what. You're not taking away something that has been pretty much a tradition since the boy was 3 years old.

So back the fuck off! I helped raise him just as much as you did. MORE since sometimes you were too strung out for weeks at a time. You weren't the one that had to listen to them crying because they were hungry and all we had was ramen noodles for a month because you didn't want to go down and get some kind of help. I'm the one that gave up a decent job and apartment to move down here to these fucking cesspool of a state in order to help take care of them since you and my bro couldn't afford daycare.

By the way bitch, your kids. The ones you keep telling that I no longer love them. Every single time they're at my brother's. They come to see me and ask if they can live with me. NOT YOU.

At least I listen to them when they have a problem and don't call them idiots or retard because they're unable to do something right the first time. I don't tell them that they're not good enough to get into dance, chorus, or theater. They ARE good enough, fuck...they're better than some kids I've seen that are into these types of things. It's called natural ability, something you don't have have with your Edith Bunker singing voice. These kids aren't stupid, they know bullshit when it's standing in front of them. And that bullshit is you.

/end rant

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