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back from hell

Well, I worried about the needle for nothing. THE BITCH DIDN'T USE ANYTHING!!! I have a sadistic side, but for fucksake...I wouldn't let anyone go through that without numbing.
No numbing gel, no novacaine, no monkey-nose with laughing gas. I had to freaking sit there gripping the chair, with tears running down my face while she used some drill sounding thing on my teeth, then use some sort of knife thing to scrape under my gums. When I grunted from the pain when she hit a very tender spot, she said "Could you not make any noise cause we're treating children here." FUCK THAT!! I'M IN PAIN! And what was worst of it all? The icing on the cake? She was a cheerful! She smiled the whole time...chipper voice...the whole bit...I wanted to kill her.

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