Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Just talking out loud

In TTLG, Pilot stated that Moya had offered to sacrifice the life of the baby in order to attempt to save them all while caught within starburst.

If she had then she would have been able to starburst away at the first sign of Larraq's marauder.

- So no stabbing of Aeryn.

- No need to save her by going to the Gammack base. Hell, they wouldn't even know about the base.

- No meet up with Scorpius or the Aurora chair.

- No redemption of Crais, and he would just keep on hunting John until perhaps someone was sent after his carrier. He'd either be court-martialed or just plain out executed. Also Lt. Teeg since she is his 2nd in command and had knowledge of his orders to return to First Command.

Aside from the usual run in bounty hunters and those that just want to capitalize on the bounty of Zhaan, Rygel, and D'Argo. Moya would be pretty much free. Okay, other dangers as well like the Nebari.

Damn, that's pretty boring. But the question remains, would the crew continue to grow into more of a family unit or would they still look out only for themselves? I like to think they would still find that spot in each others lives. I know that John and Aeryn would still continue, and it would be pretty much unhindered. I mean without having to deal with John going insane, her death, and then the twinning.

But they wouldn't be the same. Still boring.

I'm going to bed.

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