Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Stop the world!

Well lookie here, I wasn't on the computer most of the day and the world didn't end. How bout that? *snicker*

Neck is still stiff and sore, but it is easier to move it today. Thanks for the advice yesterday ladies, I appreciate it. *hugs you*

I took some Aleve, propped my behind on the couch and watched some Farscape with my dad. He is now officially finished with Season 2 and as soon as he watches DWTB, he'll be done with Season 3. He fucking looooves, and almost in the fanboy way, John and Scorpius' relationship. He stated after ITLD pt2: That has to be one of the best rivalries ever. They're like Superman and Lex Luthor, only better.

Now he's seen all of the first 3 seasons and bits of 4, as well as having seen the complete mini-series, but I could have sworn he hopped up and down in his seat when he asked if they have a lot of scenes together in season 4. hehe

Also, he thinks that Aeryn is the perfect woman. He was floored by The Choice. Different reaction than me and my first viewing last year. This was one of the epis that while appreciated the acting in it, I didn't like it in the beginning.

He cannot stand Jool. It's the scream of course. *g*

I didn't think he'd like Meltdown, but he loved it. I liked his observation of Stark in it and how he becomes so single-minded when he sets his sights on something. He said it's no wonder why Stark becomes like that, since he has to focus so hard on that one thing to drown out the thoughts/ideas surfacing from the ones he's helped pass onto the other side. (i don't know if i wrote that out right since i'm still on my first cup of coffee)

In a way, it's a tad annoying to watch the show with him because while does know the character's names. He still asks me who is who while we're watching. Most of that is due to the meds he took when he was in the hospital, it kind of fried some of his memory. For example, since we've moved in together he's asked me at least 50 times if I have any music CDs to listen to. I've gotten the point I want to strangle him when he asks. lol

There was one thing that almost spoiled my evening involving my brother, but I'll talk about that later in a locked post. I don't want to dampen the warm fuzzies of this one. *g*

I've lost hope for the blue board in regards to fic and the people who read it when they choose to reply to...how can I put this delicately...shit, and not praise writing likecatherinebruce's drabble on there. If you haven't, please go check out Outside Looking In and let her know how damn good it is.
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