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Happy Birthday halcyon_shift!!!!

I know I said I'd give you Harvey!fic for your birthday, and here it is. Uh, I'm not quite sure this is what you wanted though. I really wanted this to be a lot longer, but my brain got in the way of it. :p I hope you like it anyway, and I really hope you have a wonderful day. *hug*

Takes place at the end of PKWars.


He watches the world spin on its axis, with bodies flying free to bob and twist along the solar winds. Night falls over their eyes for the last time and he smiles. Sharp teeth and mind to match.



Start over from scratch.

There is no stopping the rampaging fury. Time is a bitch and she will do as she pleases. A master in her own right, she caresses and taunts the flesh. Molding it until it shatters upon her.

If he could, he would laugh at the idea. Instead he cries out as he’s ripped away. His very essence scattered to join the swirling mass of chaos that is existence.

Sought oblivion for comfort, only to find disappointment. Copies crack and die, the pieces falling away as an unwilling antagonist and ally stands silently to the side, frozen.

He flies and the darkness binds.

Images not his own flood and teach lessons already learned and discarded. Their repetitions not to be denied any longer, he joins them in celebration.
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