Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting...

I had strange dreams again last night. This time, I think they could be used in court against me at a commitment hearing. So I ain't saying a word about them. *g*

But I do think they have to do with the fact that Yoda (my new puppy for those that missed that post) was trying to pretend my ear and hair was a nipple. He may be just over 7 weeks old, but I think his mother started weening him too soon. He's become very attached to me. Following me everywhere and will only sleep if I'm near him. He's a good boy too, he only goes potty on the puppy mat we have in the front room. His sister though pissed on my bed when my niece V put her down on it yesterday.

I'm still trying to find the USB cord for the digital camera so I can post the pics of him and his sister, who by the way was named Mini. What I want to know is why the hell would they make one end of the USB so much damn smaller than is normal? What a pain in the ass! :p

It seems that my sprogfic is not going over well on Kansas, in fact I got called evil for it and one person stated they didn't know I had it in me. *rolls eyes* Yes, Kerne that still is getting to me. *snerk* If they think that about a short emotional piece like that, I know they're going to fucking hate 2 Johns when I post it there. If I decide to post it at all.

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