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Hola! Como esta!

You know something funny? I have met a lot of people over the last 2 years cause of Farscape. Both in person and especially on the Farscape boards. Some of them have become great friends that I would give the shirt off my back. (how's that for an image in your mind? LOL)

I got a very cool surprise from ixchup and cathy1967. When they heard I didn't have the money for the breakfast ticket at the Burbank Con. Those 2 beautiful nuts went and bought me one for my birthday, even though my b-day isn't for over a month. (I cried like a kid when they wouldn't listen to me when I said don't do it.) That is one of the sweetest things 'anybody' has done for me.

Girls...when I meet you in person next July...I'm giving you both a big frelling kiss..then I'm going to kick your butts. You're too damn nice to me! All I expected was someone to listen to me ramble about my RL bulldren and my fics. The best way I could ever pay you back is to get A LOT of pics at the con. I'm taking about 10 rolls of film cause I went through 3 rolls for a 1 day rally.

I luv ya girls! *kiss*

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