July 22nd, 2014

Monolith (John/Harvey)

Zombie Double Feature

Note to self: If you're going to have back-to-back Resident Evil like dreams in the arctic and a Russian forest - take Milla Jovovich with you dammit.

That second one in the forest was a doozy and I'm pretty sure I ended up sacrificing myself so the others could get away.

Though the first one reminds me too much of the nightmares I used to have because The Thing (John Carpenter version with Kurt Russell). If the monster in last night's double feature had started doing that deal with the floors like when I was a kid I would have probably woke up about to scream like a little bitch.

Just realized that I haven't had a zombie dream in a while. I sorta missed them. Don't look at me all weird, I usually feel better about stressing things after I have them. lol

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