September 9th, 2013

Gemma (SoA)

Done with fast food hell

I just finished my last shift at the fast food restaurant and I start my new job at the group home tomorrow evening.

It's going to be a challenge but, I believe, worth it. (Totally have First Day Jitters going on.)

Upcoming things: my niece V is coming to stay for two weeks for Christmas break and then at the end of this school year we plan for her to move in with me to finish her last year of high school and go to college in my area. Her mom (ex-SiL) states that as a "test" whether she can move up here V has to keep the house constantly clean and also find a job and keep it the entire school year. Nothing about maintaining grades. Sorry, but I think those are more important.

Oh! and soon I shall have cable/internet (I hope!) so I can enjoy my fav shows properly and watch football and hockey!

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