June 2nd, 2012

Angel (John)


Night before last I'd been reaching for a package of buns from the top of a rack and the pack got away from me (plastic/vinyl gloves can be a bitch). I twisted around to catch it before it hit the floor and I felt a little pop in my collar, just below where it meets my neck. It hurt but not bad and the pain went away and only bothered me a little bit when I was in bed.

Last night though, it really started bothering me when I'd reach for things or did a lot of movement with my left arm. The manager saw how I was favoring it and after I told her what I'd done to it the day before she suggested that I might have pulled the muscle.

Oh, joy.

While it's not painful - painful, it is bothering the hell out of me and almost seems as if the less I try to use it the more it's wanting to make itself known and paid attention to.

I really don't need this crap right now. *headdesk*

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