November 7th, 2011

Back to Back (Sheppard/Ronon)

(I'm Cosplaying!) I'm a LIttle Japanese gilr dressed like a space alien

Over the past week [personal profile] catherinebruce and I have enabled each other's fannish tendencies. I've been forced to watch Merlin (I'm up to season 4 now) and CB has watched SGA and Game of Thrones (she has a new appreciation for Ronon now that she has seen Jason Mamoa naked). She jokes around saying that Teyla and Ronon have actually hooked up and 'Kannan' is code for Ronon's penis (AKA: Kannan the Barbarian.)

(subject line is what CB said after seeing the first wraith chasing ronon in the epi Sateda... it's the goggles.)

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