September 11th, 2011

Almost Kiss (Cam/Sheppard)

Altantis Big Bang Artwork (Cam/John)

I got to participate this year by contributing some artwork to the story, Keri.

Alternate for one of the covers. This one doesn't have any text on it and I had to post this one here because I am damn proud of how it came out. It was a pain the ass but soooo worth it. I just wish I'd had a larger image to work with (technically, I used an image of Crichton because there no real good images of Mitchell being romantic. So I used one from Farscape's Unrealized Reality.) I also have a slight variation in color for it but unless some specifically requests it, I'll just stick with posting this one because it feels so much better, more warm, to me. I totally need to make this into an icon.

Keri Artwork




I'm still trying to work on a fourth piece I had an idea for but it's much more complicated to do so it's taking me a lot longer to work on it. I really wish I'd gotten the idea for it immediately after reading Keri instead of it hitting me between the eyes about a week before the artwork was due. lol

I enjoyed the hell out of [info]rinkafic's story Keri and had fun trying to think of different ways to show the story off and get people intrigued enough to check it out. You can find her story here. Go check it and the other stories and artwork out and and enjoy!

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