August 2nd, 2011

Pick Up Pieces (John)

I want my fandom brain back

I'm trying (really!) to get back into my fannish brain but it's been hard between Collapse )

Now back to fannish stuff. I've done my best to keep up with my lists but I usually don't see it for a few days. I'd signed up for [info]farscape_land but have yet to do anything with it. I think I'm about to get kicked out of it. *sigh* I also need to get my head out of my own ass and get over to the Gatefic Awards and check out the stories and vote. I did have a wonderful surprise a few weeks ago and found out I'd been nominated for three of my stories but I don't expect to win since I'm up against better and more popular writers, but yo... I got nomm'd! Whoever did that, thank you so so much! ♥

If you don't know yet, this year is really and truly the final year for the Official Farscape Convention in LA (I wonder who I have to sacrifice to get there). I also saw last night that Issue #24 of the Farscape comic will be the last that BOOM! will put out. Now that freaks me out in conjunction of the news of the con but then I have to keep in mind that the comics were to be a bridge to keep canon alive between PKWars and the webisodes. So I've got my fingers crossed that this is only a pause for Farscape, but damn I'm going to miss that con (I have for the last two years I haven't been able to go *wibble*).

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