June 15th, 2011

Spirit Takes Flight


Ten minutes ago I lost one of the pups, the little girl we called Butterfly because she has a brown mark on her back in the shape of a butterfly. She'd been doing well up until about three hours ago and she stopped moving even though she did eat 3 ml of puppy formula.

The two boys (Goblin and Spotty) are still doing well at least. I worry about Goblin though because he was the smallest of the three and I'd found him in rough shape (he'd still had the birthbag attached and had drug himself between two boxes and was ice cold). I really hope he makes it, not only because I just want him to live, but because he's the one that'll be going home with Garry.

I'm heading to bed now. I've got a bad headache now and mom will be up in a couple hours to feed the others.

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