April 18th, 2011

Falling Down (John)


mom was able to talk the landlady out of evicting us on the condition that we get rid of Molly and the kids can't have friends over unless they stayed inside the house.

Mom was also told that the neighbors said that the kids were peaking in their windows late at night. Mom told her that was bullcrap for a few reasons: 1. The kids are in before 9pm, 2. They refuse to go outside if its dark, 3. She'd reported to the landlord multiple times before he died that we were having prowlers (cars vandalized, windows peaked into, lightbulbs on the sensor light unscrewed) and she has the police reports to back it up. She's been trying to get a streetlight installed down here for months since S woke up to a guy trying to open her bedroom window at 4am.

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Vidding Addict (John)

*wibbles happily*

I was able to get Vegas 8 set up on my mom's laptop!!! Trust that I will be jacking her baby whenever possible to work on new vids!

Mom: Is my laptop messing up again?
Me: I'm afraid so, Mom. It's really screwed up this time. May take me days to fix it. Angel

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